3 Reasons why…Its good to take a Social Media Break

Being a blogger has many perks but from time to time we can find ourselves stuck in a Social Media rut and what was once an enjoyable hobby or business has now become like a chore. I recently put myself on a break for this very reason and also came up with 3 reasons why… Continue reading 3 Reasons why…Its good to take a Social Media Break

In the Pink

Although I'm not a follower of current trends, being an avid lover of the colour PINK, I was thrilled to find out that its one this seasons HOT colours, ranging from a very subtle blush, to the ultra girly candy, to an outrageous Cerise. There is definitely something for everyone and their personal pink preference. Below I have put together… Continue reading In the Pink

Eness cosmetics “Exotic Argan oil ” product Review

Those of you out there with curly hair will agree that sometimes it can be a blessing and a curse; in that when it's done it looks and feels lovely, but in order to get to that stage, the process of trial and error can be a very long and tedious one; I tend not… Continue reading Eness cosmetics “Exotic Argan oil ” product Review

Waste not, want not……

After buying a packet of granola that didnt taste as I had anticipated I decided not to waste them and make granola bars; they require so little ingredients and they taste great and the kids can help make them. I prefer crunchy granola and the brand that I bought has a chewy texture, so they… Continue reading Waste not, want not……

Bumble & Bumble

* MINI REVIEW *  I'm always open to trying  new hair products, especially when they're 'curl friendly'.... So naturally I was thrilled when given the opportunity to try some products from Bumble & Bumble's  "BB CURL" curly range. Washed my hair with my normal shampoo and then followed up with the custom conditioner; this can  be  used as… Continue reading Bumble & Bumble