Having many pairs of sneakers and trainers does come with its drawbacks; organising storage space for them *future post alert* and cleaning them (sigh)! I take pride in my footwear, so cleaning them is something of great importance lol 

Investing in proper cleaners and protection for your trainers is something I would recommend if you take pride in your shoes. There are many good brands out there, but I chose to go with footlocker own brand of trainer cleaners; I have one for an “all rounder” that covers most materials and another, more specifically for suede and nubuck. 

(I’m rambling now so let’s get to the point)

My vans were crying out for some attention, so I gave them a clean and got those white parts gleaming lol

Also changed the laces and BOOM they had  new lease on life!! 

How many of you have tried sneaker/trainer cleaners??


2 thoughts on “Refreshing…”

  1. Great post, anyone who loves footwear can relate, we fight over suede cleaners in my house. My partner has God knows how many pairs of trainers and I hoard boots. I want to try crep protect though, I’ve heard great things xfjx


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